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Counselling Blenheim, Marlborough

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Take care of yourself, Mother!
Areas of my expertise

 by Tatiana Ceban

From the first moment of witnessing your positive pregnancy test, you are a mother. You are the house and home for an unimaginably small being who has yet to become more than a few simple cells, but whose potential is limitless and boundless. And then, when this little one arrives into the world your life is changed… FOREVER!

Life will never be the same as it was before. How could it be? A human being now exists who did not exist before. Your Child… Your Responsibility… Your Love… And from the beginning to the end, you will be the most Significant Person in his life. You will be Destiny!

This is why as a woman, a mother and a counsellor I advocate for mother’s wellbeing and spiritual strength. And my message to you, Beautiful Mother is simple and complex at the same time – take care of yourself!

Take care of yourself. This is your responsibility if you have children! It doesn’t matter how old is your child – 5, 25 or 45, if you are a mother, your goal doesn’t change: you hold emotions, diminish fear, and give steadiness. No one else can do it. Without it, it’s hard to go through life for any human being. Keep reading...

Individual Counselling: anxiety & panic, anger, 
depression, abuse & trauma, grief & loss, stress, lack
of motivation, relationships, family matters,

identity issues, workplace problems, personal

development, cross-cultural relationships,

impacts of immigration.  Learn more>>>

Couples and Family Counselling: parent-child conflict,

family transitional stages, traumatic life events, grief,

separation and divorce, blended family adjustments,

communication issues, pre-marital counselling.

Learn more>>>

Children and Adolescents Counselling: difficult behaviours, anger, separation anxiety, bullying or being bullied, social anxiety, emotional distress,

developmental challenges, relationships and family difficulties, Web-related problems, self-esteem, 

trauma, grief & loss. Learn more>>

Perinatal counselling and therapy:  allostatic support/trauma-informed care. Mental health challenges on childbearing and parenting: difficult decisions around pregnancy, pregnancy support, the transition to parenthood, perinatal grief and loss, birth trauma, postpartum depression & anxiety, parent-infant bonding, infertility,

psychological support of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). Learn more>>>

Coachinglife planning, life transitions, personal development, healthy relationships, health and well-being, career development, work optimization, spiritual growth. Learn more>>


Professional Supervision: an interdisciplinary approach, relationally oriented professional supervision - the work we do will occur in the context of the relationship we build in our time together. 
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 Group Facilitation:
Postpartum Rallying postnatal depression and anxiety support group;
From "Me" to "Mom" - The Mindful Way through Pregnancy - a support group for expectant mothers coping with antenatal fears, anxiety, and depression;
Self Mastery - life coaching for women. 
Moon time - workshop for women of reproductive age about the menstrual cycle. Learn more>>