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Питание влияет не только на наше тело, но и на наше сознание. Подобно алкоголю, который заметно изменяет наше сознание, притупляя его, некоторые продукты несут схожий эффект, но в менее выраженной и зачастую неосознаваемой форме. Еда может замедлять и расфокусировать голову, ослабляя контроль, силу осознанности и ясность восприятия. Слегка «затуманенное» состояние становится уровнем нормы, позволяя человеку забыть, что значит легкость и ясность на самом деле. Наиболее «свободная» еда — это свежие овощи и фрукты, а также растительная пища и злаки, приготовленные простым способом с минимальным содержанием масла, приправ и соли.

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Author: Tatiana Ceban

Tatiana Ceban is a family counsellor and life coach following her lifelong fascination with human potential. Character development is why she became a catalyst for her client’s good changes and better quality of life. She specializes in reproductive and perinatal mental health. Tatiana is a passionate speaker- she runs support groups, trainings, conferences for women and workshops for professionals on diverse issues around reproductive psychology and counselling.   

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Everybody knows that we must have a first aid kit – at home, at work-place, in the car, boat or plane. We all are used to the idea that if something happens to our body, there are “must have’s” that can be useful. When there is an injury, heart or breathing problem, skin infection or allergy, we do pay immense attention to our body (or our children’s, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.). Yes, we all do!

How many of you have a “kit” of tools that are good remedies to deal with distress, depression or strong emotions as fear, anger, hate, despair, anxiety, jealousy, etc.? Literally - a list of things to do, techniques to use or ways to calm down? And having it somewhere handy – in your handbag, wallet, cabin, car, bookshelf or wardrobe? Actually, having it for everybody in your family – children, adolescents and adults?


Honestly, I didn’t meet in my counselling practice many people who would answer this question and even less who would have such a thing. Simply, it’s just because we do not consider our mental wellbeing such an important thing. Right?!

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