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Postnatal depression and anxiety are real conditions, real issues and there are real help and support available to everyone experiencing difficulty during the postnatal period. Research shows that depression and anxiety begin in the ante-natal time,  so don't discount those experiences, feelings, thoughts or concerns either. Fathers, as well as mothers, suffer from postnatal mental health issues.

Do you experience a lack of sleep, incessant worrying, debilitating anxiety?

Registering with our group might be the first step towards reclaiming control in your life.

You can register yourself by calling me at +64279019807 or via the contact page or booking online

Postpartum Rallying - therapeutic support group for mothers. Facilitator - Tatiana Ceban, perinatal counsellor, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand.


Postpartum Rallying - a therapy support group for mothers

Reasons to join our Support Group:


  • this is a small group (up to 12 people) that offers psychological support, resources and connection to women who struggle with adjustment;

  • each week, resources and discussion will be centered around a theme including expectations vs. reality of parenting; relationships with partners, family, friends; bonding and attachment with the baby; boundaries and asking for help; practical copings skills to manage to worry, rage, distressing thoughts, and other common symptoms;

  • this a closed group where we create and value openness, confidence, and trust. You can enter only at the beginning of our term, then the group is closed for new people;

  • this is a place where we share, learn from each other, find new creative solutions for daily challenges and... have fun. Here we relax,  laugh, and make the motherhood journey more easy and enjoyable.

We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 9.30 am to 11.30 am

* These illustrations belong to the artist Natalie Jomard. Please visit her website>>>

and  two other artists - Karen Kleiman & Molly McIntyre creating for  Postpartum Stress Center.

Group supporters


This group is supported by Marlborough Postnatal Depression Charitable Trust. The main goal of our Trust is to support mothers, fathers, and babies in the most difficult time – the first year of baby’s life. It is a time when almost every mother (and father) is constantly exhausted, feels empty, can’t concentrate, feels guilty about not being a good mother. It is time when mothers find themselves in tears at any time of the day for reasons they can’t explain. Tiredness, insomnia, lack of appetite, sometimes panic attacks and episodes of compulsive behavior are signs of postnatal depression and anxiety. In such time isn’t good to be alone. Because of Trust's support Postpartum Rallying is open for everybody and is charge free.

Childminders. Our childminders faithfully and wholeheartedly offer their time and volunteer to babysit every Wednesday morning. With the support of the local community, mothers can be together part of the journey to a Stronger Self, to a more Happy Experience of Motherhood, to a Better Connection wit their Children.


12-week program, weekly three hours meeting – Wednesday's from 9.30 am to 11.30 am

Our program

Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre  

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough


We accept women with children up to 24 months old. Referrals can be made by GP, midwives, Plunket nurses, etc.

Self-referrals welcomed.


Sessions are free of charge and it’s important that you commit to coming for the term

(12 sessions)


Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre  

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough

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