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At home or in school, many children are burdened with difficulties created by their life situations. Unfortunately, many of them carry all these difficulties inside themselves into every aspect of their activities and into their adult lives. If your child is struggling with anger, anxiety, bullying, depression, grief, family conflict and unhappiness, siblings fights, broken friendships,difficult relationships, low self-esteem, stress, family separation or adjusting to step-families, trauma, etc., I’ll come with the following scheme:


  • first of all, I would try to find out what is going on in your child's life and why he (she) is facing difficulties

  • second, after understanding all of it, I'll work with parents on real changing strategy

  • third, if I see a real need of it, I'll work with your child individually or in a small group

  • fourth, I'll offer you all my assistance ans support .

Working with | helping parents


I am a mother of two wonderful children and I consider that parental role is the most responsible in the world, so being a parent is not easy at all. I am open to help parents too. In order to be available for you and to give the support you need, I use to meet with one or both parents during my work with the child or even separately. It might be a face-to-face meeting or counselling sessions on Skype, especially if you are a busy person or live far away. Also, I provide time to time special workshops and webinars for parents on a variety of topics.

Methods and techniques


In my counselling work with children I use the play and sand therapy, many art therapy techniques, so mostly we are drawing, painting, using clay and movement. Also, I include beautiful tools provided by different psychotherapy schools I was trained on (see more about my education, skills and competence), sometimes adding to the process even coaching instruments.


Here you will find my thoughts about parenting journey. I hope it will be a good inspiration for a change.

* This is an ongoing project, an always renewed collection.


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