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Counselling Blenheim, Marlborough

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Online counselling
  • My username in Skype is t_ceban. You can call me from here

  • The first session of 30 minutes is free

  • Sessions are normally 50 minutes in length and can be arranged to fit into your schedule

  • Most of the clients receive between 4 and 10 sessions, but you may be offered more or less depending on your needs

  • If you are interested please contact me using this website, phone, text or email.

Online counselling becomes more and more acceptable in modern world. It has lots of positive outcomes as safe and supportive environment where

you will be listened to, understood and accepted.  


Skype offers today lots of opportunities. Consultants of various specialties for a long time use this program working with clients. I do it too for a long time and I want to offer here some reasons why Skype is a good thing, not only for me but also for you, My Potential Clients.


Counselling session might happen anywhere (even under a palm tree on the beach). You can work with me, being in another city, country or continent. The only condition - to have Internet access.


The cost of the online consultation is less expensive that the cost of face-to-face counselling. I do not need to pay office rent, therefore, you My Client do not have to spend extra money on the road.


Counselling on Skype is not less efficient then the consultation face-to-face. To maximize efficiency we need just a couple of things: good headphones,  microphone, webcam and a peaceful environment.


Saving time. You do not spend time on getting ready and waiting on . Thus - save at least a few hours of your life. To meet me, you just need to turn on the computer at the scheduled time.


Comfort. Agree that at home on your couch or your favorite kitchen you'll feel more confident and fear free than in the office of a stranger


Confidentiality. The fact of ongoing counselling will be known only by you, me and our computers.


Counselling session in Skype, as well as a real consultation, can be canceled or re-scheduled at any time.

Counselling Blenheim, Marlborough
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Online counselling.

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