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Counselling Blenheim, Marlborough

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Perinatal Psychological Support

Having a specialised knowledge and experience in perinatal, infant and maternal psychology, I provide a warm and personalised service for women, men, and couples who are struggling with problems related to reproductive issues:


  • conception – difficult decisions around pregnancy, preparation, assisted-fertility, IVF

  • pregnancy – pregnancy support, the transition to motherhood, antenatal depression and anxiety, labour preparation, adjustment to parental role

  • postnatal adjustment – anxiety, depression, birth trauma, premature birth

  • parent-infant attachment – parenting, attachment and bonding

  • perinatal loss – stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion,  grief

  • infertility – adjustment issues, seeking for meaningful life, couple relationship

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I know that all these issues might be a real struggle and even a barrier for seeking professional help. Don’t hesitate. You can contact me directly or through your GP, midwife or public health hurse.

I am a member of The Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the health and long term outcomes for mothers and their babies. PSANZ encompasses and strongly encourages research focused on mothers and babies during pregnancy and at birth as well as the health of the newborn as its development continues after birth.

I am a member of PADA Perinatal Anxiety& Depression Aotearoa, an organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for families and whanau affected by mental illness related to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.


Also, I  am  privileged to be a Coordinator of PND (Post Natal Distress)  Marlborough Charitable Trust. If you want to find more about PND Marlborough services - visit our website: http://www.pndmarlborough.com/

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Group Facilitation

From "Me" to "Mom" - my mindful way through pregnancy - this group for pregnant women I run every Thursday morning, from 9am to 12 pm in Blenheim, Marlborough.  It is a 10-weeks free, ongoing group providing a supportive, non-judgmental space to share experiences and resources, accompanying women's pilgrimage through pregnancy. We use art therapy to work on reassurance, self-compassion, sense of Self. We work passingly on rebuilding trust on woman's potential and intuition.

Postpartum Rallying - this support group meets for 12 weeks every Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.30am. It’s a 2 hours therapeutic work  around  motherhood experience difficulties and mental health problems - postnatal depression, anxiety, fear, etc. Confidential, safe environment.

Moon time - a workshop about menstruation and women’s cyclic nature.  We investigate ways to make our periods physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. The program covers a wide range of important knowledge that will help you to know yourself and your body better and to respect your blood cycles wisely: the physiology and psychology of menstruation, the moon dial and everyday life, energies, creativity, traditions and rituals. 

Workshops for professionals

The beginning of life psychology - workshop for mental health professional that offers a structured knowledge about first stage of human life - perinatal time. It presents the latest discoveries in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Fundamental key points about brain development, attachment and bonding, what helps children’s innate capacity to care, to nurture, and to feel for others.

"The Shadow of Unnoticed and Unspoken Grief. Practical Support in Pregnancy and Infant Loss" - this is a workshop for social workers, counsellors, midwives, nurses, doctors, etc. It provides a waste knowledge, the practical skills, the care-giving tips for managing perinatal loss and grief;  facilitating the mourning of the loss. It offers measures for helping needs to be attuned to the needs of the particular family.

"Designer Babies”: Ethics and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) – where are the boundaries? - Assisted reproduction introduced a number of challenges with which society has to cope. Three challenges need to be addressed. The first challenge is rather generic: the public trust in science. The second challenge is specific to human reproduction: ethical and cultural concerns. The third challenge is that assisted reproduction has brought the issue of gender to the forefront, and society is being challenged to re-think the way it views the role of challenged to re-think the way it views the role of women.

The power of the story. Narrative practices in perinatal mood disorders. Narrative therapy techniques can be a magic tool in a wide number of situations where women and members of their families experience difficulty expressing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the childbearing time. It might be helpful for those who live remotely and can’t access for different reasons mental health support directly. Narrative therapy can be a respectful and non-blaming approach to psychological support for perinatal mood disorders, which centers people as the experts in their own lives. It can be used widely by health professionals, counsellors and community workers. Narrative therapy helps to externalize oppressive experiences, to move from a problem-focused and saturated perspective and to find alternative solutions. It helps to explore skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments, and abilities. It works and helps to reduce the influence of problems in people’s life.


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