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Mandala Therapy

Carl Gustav Jung identified the mandala as an archetypal symbol of human perfection. He first introduced the method of use of the mandala in psychotherapy. For several years, this great psychologist has sketched mandalas that were in tune with his soul and psychological state. Designed as a mandala therapy this method has spread the word of clinical practice.

Mandala is not just a set of pretty pictures, like a kaleidoscope pattern. This is a kind of simulator for the brain. Contemplation of mandalas promotes concentration and entry into a meditative state, which in turn allows more to develop the brain than the awaking state. However, the effect wouldn’t be reached if you are going to work on it just a couple of times. As well as any other simulator, it needs consistency. Only the systematic contemplation of mandalas can bring change. Systematic approach means at least every day for 15-20 minutes 30 consecutive days.

In fact, personal transformations occurs when the internal state resonance with the vibrations of color and form. The mandala is used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool and now working with mandalas is actively used as an instrument to achieve a full understanding of an own "I", the inner qualities and potentials, as well as to find solutions to a complex internal deadlocks.

Mandala is a powerful energy boost, stimulates the harmonization of the two hemispheres of the brain, has "emotional homeopathic" effect on people. Actively opposes depression. Also you need to take into account the aesthetic effect of images.

Just enjoy doing that!

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