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A quick guide for art therapy

What to do?

1. Tired - draw flowers; 2. Nasty - draw lines; 3. Hurts – sculpt; 4. Bored – cover a sheet of paper using different colors; 5. Sad - draw a rainbow; 6. Scary – create macramé or fabric applications; 7. Anxious - make a doll; 8. Perturbation - tear the paper into small pieces; 9. Agitation – make origami; 10. Need relaxation - draw patterns; 11. Important to remember - draw labyrinths;

12. Feeling of annoyance - make a copy of the picture; 13. Desperation - draw the road; 14. If necessary to understand something - draw a mandala; 15. If necessary to quickly restore energy - draw landscapes; 16. If necessary to understand your feelings - draw a self-portrait; 17. If necessary to remember the state - draw colored spots; 18. If necessary to organize ideas - draw cells or squares; 19. Do you want to understand yourself and your desires - make a collage; 20. If necessary to concentrate on the thoughts - draw using points; 21. If necessary to find the optimum out of the situation - draw waves and circles; 22. Do you feel "stuck" and need to move on - draw a spiral; 23. Do you want to concentrate on the goal - draw a grid or target.



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