From novice to seasoned practitioner

Time to celebrate… These days I was preparing the report for my annual practice certificate renewal, I did some maths and I discovered that I am working in psychology field for 10 years! The number of individual and group work is bigger than 10000 hours! Many guru in professional development say that this two numbers give you the right to call yourself a PROFESSIONAL…finally!

Well, when I have reached this very significant milestone, I want to say thank you… To my Master, who supported my faith, helped to see ALWAYS the bigger picture and never give up. To my daughter Valerie and my son Dima, who have been my motivation, as I always wanted them to be proud of me. All my life I needed their smile and re-assurance. To my husband Murray, who has wonderful gifts of endless support, belief, love, compassion and understanding, and all of these made possible to build a career from “scratch” - in a new part of the world, new country, using a foreign language. To my profession, the professional bodies I belong to, and all my colleagues for continually adding to my learning edge. I am also infinitely grateful for the endless learning and laughter with the people I have been lucky enough to work with, and to those engaged in making the world a more compassionate place. To my teachers and supervisors for the challenge and support. To my clients who have taught me so much about counselling, coaching and supervision and… life!


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