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Pregnancy Support Group

Pregnancy is the most creative time in a woman’s life. What might be more amazing and more important than actively (if not totally) be involved in the pro-creation of human beings? And yes, we think that it should be all easy and joyful, but sometimes it is actually not. We more and more forget that pregnancy is a complex spiritual journey and involves lots of reflection, anticipation, self-discovery, and challenges.


Many women experience times of fear, doubt, anxiety, and even depression. And because of shame or isolation, they do not share all these emotions or ask for help. I invite you to join our support group tailored to make your journey easier, interesting and joyful. 

You can register yourself by calling me at +64279019807 or via the contact page or booking online

From Me to Mom - my mindful way through pregnancy. Art therapy group for pregnant women. Blenheim, Marlborough


From "Me" to "Mom" - my mindful way through pregnancy

This group is for pregnant women wanting to meet other pregnant women to compare notes, exchange ideas and make new connections. It is a place where you bring with you whatever the experience is: unsettling mood swings, joyful anticipation & excitement, excessive physical discomfort, anxiety about childbirth & parenting, feelings of hopelessness & despair, a sense of being overwhelmed & burdened.

The main goal of this therapy group is to help pregnant women to reduce stress. Stress reduction is considered to be one important way an expectant mother can achieve better health and prevent certain complications. The causes of stress during pregnancy are often varied. A woman may become stressed as her body begins to change, as she experiences the effects of pregnancy-related hormones, or as a result of anxiety or fears about pregnancy and childbirth. Individuals who experience negative or catastrophic life events during pregnancy or who have chronic stress, PTSD, or other mental health concerns may also experience greater levels of stress during pregnancy.

Come join others in a supportive group designed to celebrate the wonders of this transition to motherhood and address the emotional challenges of pregnancy. Learn how to cope better, build a support network, and deal effectively with the complex, sometimes unwelcome feelings pregnancy can evoke.

We meet weekly on Tuesday's from 5 pm to 8 pm. And we are open to women at any stage of gestation.

* Art work presented here belongs to different women who attended the group. Published with their permission. 

Methods and techniques used in the group work


Motherhood is a journey into the unknown. It’s an irreversible transformation I’ve never heard anyone regret.  In our group, you will explore your metamorphosis from ‘Me’ to ‘Mum’ using your creative potential – your hands, imagination, intuition, etc. And you will be given lots of free materials to do art. We use lots of art techniques and believe that art is a very powerful tool for expression, insight, and emotional coping.

Please don’t worry about your drawing, painting or crafting skills. We gather to learn, to feel free, to enjoy good music, new ways of expression, and the impact of shapes and colors on your perception and mood. Our "art class" (this is how many women call it…) is a safe, confidential space, where women can speak the truth about motherhood and pregnancy journey, a  place to feel heard, understood, nurtured and validated.

Also, it is a place for learning. There are so many fascinating things you can discover about fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and women’s physical and mental health. We talk about your role and input in the pro-creation process. Here we learn how to create a solid long term self-care system and along with art, we use expressive writing, mindfulness, deep breathing, etc.

This group is supported by Marlborough Postnatal Depression Charitable Trust.


10-week program, weekly three hours meeting – Tuesday's from 5 pm to 8 pm

Our program

Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre  

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough


We accept women with a pregnancy of any gestational age. The referral can be made by email or booking page


Sessions are free of charge and it’s important that you commit to coming for the term

(10 sessions)


Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre  

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough

Recommended reading

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, by Norsigian J., Brown, J., (2002).

Towards Parenthood, by Jeannette Milgrom, (2009).

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