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5 reasons why my clients recommend me to their friends

Welcome to my website! While you are navigating through and think if I am the counsellor or life coach you are looking for, I am going to provide you 5 reasons why my clients recommend me to their friends.

5 reasons why my clients recommend me to their friends

So, if working with me...


First of all, you are going to believe that there is always a solution.

Personally I avoid the word "problem". I think that every person faces time to time different situations, which do not necessarily bear the negative meaning of "a problem." I like to replace the word “problem” with "a challenge" or “new task”. Working with me, my clients learn to see the potential in every situation and discover the resources and the lessons that it brings with it. And inevitably they find the solution or solutions!


Second, you will find acceptance and understanding.
Whatever the situation, I will support you. I will treat you non-judgementally and I’ll create a secure place for positive changes.


Third, here is an exposure to changes. 


In my practice I follow a simple philosophy: life is short, so if there is a complicated, damaging or even harmful situation in personal, family or professional areas of our life, we must take the responsibility for it and work to obtain something new improving the quality of our life.


Fourth reason, I sustain an efficient practice. 


I will help you work through the problems and resolve situations in your life efficiently. I draw from my extensive international training in best practice of psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.


And the last, you will find a comfortable communication setting. 


In face-to-face counselling our work take place in a cosy, private room in the Community Centre in Blenheim. Also I provide online counselling for people all around the world including with clients in other parts of NZ. Online counselling is done via Skype, Google-chat, Viber, Facebook – which are the most used online communication platforms. I enjoy the ease and efficiency of online counselling as do many of my clients.





Author: Tatiana Ceban

Tatiana Ceban is a family counsellor and life coach following her lifelong fascination with human potential. Character development is why she became a catalyst for her client’s good changes and better quality of life. She specializes in reproductive and perinatal mental health.

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