Self-care system

There is one particular question I ask almost every client: “Do you have a self-care system?” Sad, but in many cases, the answer will be – No! No care, no self-care and… no system.


People don’t have time to pay attention to their nutrition, exercise, and breathing. People don’t use tools to de-clutter their mind, like journaling, for example. People don’t reflect regularly on the quality of their life and relationships. People don’t use their creative side to experience more joy and to live life more interestingly and meaningfully.


Life just happens, but good mental health doesn’t “just happen”, you have to take care of it. And the first step toward reclaiming control over your life and to get free of anger, anxiety, depression, and fear, whatever… you must care about yourself and you must have a system (what means doing things with regularity).


Do you have a self-care system? If not, here are some basic recommendations to build one. In my short videos, I give you a scientific reasoning about why all these elements are very important. I really hope that the science behind my advise will motivate you to take steps forward and to start significant changes in your life. You can, I strongly believe it!

Omega 3 /Omega 6
Deep breathing
Avoid negative speech
Classical music
Light therapy
Digital hygiene

We simply can't be everything to everyone. We have limits. We can't give from an empty cup. It is crucial that before we love and serve those around us, we take care of ourselves. What does self-care look like for you? Do you need to create more space for it? How could you start today?

You are most welcome to download a Healthy Lifestyle Scorecard and use it as a template for your self-care system building. 


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