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Heading 6
Ask yourself, "Where am I frustrated?”, "Where am I not free to be who I want to be?”, "Where have I tried and tried – but it’s still not working?” 



Solution-focused life-coaching program for  women

"Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time,

and energy needed to develop yourself." – Denis Waitley

Are you really interested in self-development? Are you interested to moving your life to a level up?

Self Mastery is a life coaching program for women. Here you will find high quality information about human potential, powerful neuroscience practices, really working tools and fresh insights which will lead to the change you’ve been seeking. You will have a possibility to discover the unknown, to challenge your assumptions, to verify your approaches and beliefs, to make real practical changes in your life, - all for the one goal – to reach your highest potential! 

It will be an elegant conversation and fine tailored work, exploring the deep and the significant, building ties, establishing a greater order and harmonious spontaneity, accepting the beauty within you and the world. It will be a journey to your real potential and core self.

Self Mastery Training. Solution-focused life coaching trainign for pro-active women. Blenheim, Marlborough




The program comprises 10 sessions dedicated to a large variety of topics:


1. A reality check: introduction to the course, to the people, to resources, structure, and our common goals. 

2. Moving on: decisions, goals, de-cluttering. 

3. Action plan: creativity, design thinking, personal project.

4. Personality Matrix: values, believes, priorities, self-esteem, level of dignity.

5. Confidence: acceptance, empathy, compassion, stereotypes, dysfunctional attitudes, prohibitions, development instead of fear.

6. Time management: life stages, the rhythm of daily life, habits, planning, evaluation.

7. People’s skills: effective communication, the ability to handle conflicts, proficiency in non-violent communication.

8. Life balance: physical and mental health, well-being.

9. The honesty questions: writing your story.

10. Reflection Time: final takeaways

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • make an honest evaluation of the “life story” that has brought you to where you are today.

  • change your “mind sets” and thinking and instead of being part of the society factory, learn how to focus on life as a journey to be experienced fully, rather than a means to an end.

  • repair dysfunctional mind sets and build new ones that will help you to achieve what you want

  • find your strength and independence, your personal and unique path of self-discovery and resilience

  • define meaning in your life, your work and your relationships

  • create a relationship building strategies that will transform your interactions.

  • move your life to a new level.



Each meeting will require 3 hours – three 50 minutes sessions and 20 minutes coffee break, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Two sessions will be educational and one practical, mostly focused on your personal project and the progress you have made. Also, we always will have time for questions and debriefing.

  • Commitment to attend all sessions because they follow each other in a logical and interconnected way. Missing one session will be a significant loss for you.

  • Respect for our common group rules and deadlines.



Personal Project


Your willingness to work on a meaningful personal project (of your choice) during our group journey is very important. Personal project can be in any area of your life: health, relationships, education, career, family, parenting, hobby, etc. You will be asked to identify the REAL problem, to be honest with yourself, to establish a goal, to make a plan and to achieve it. There will be time frames and accountability. It is going to be a hard look at the truth of what is messing with your life and what needs to be changed. It may not always be easy nor pretty. But there will be lots of support and encouragement as well!


You can register via email: 

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Coaching for women. Women's Group

When life is taught or we are in transition, we need people's support. People need people. Women's support and environment is very healing by itself. 

What is the women's group for?

- to understand better yourself and your needs, to learn how to stand and satisfy them.

- to develop the skill of adequate self-esteem and better self-care.

- to get rid of dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, to solve the problems that block your life

- to build more desirable relationships with the loved ones, your parents and children.

- to gain self-confidence, to know your value and uniqueness, to get in touch with your core self.

At meetings we will debrief and sort out your questions and concerns. Find new ways to live and act in relationships with partners, children and anyone of your social circle.  We will learn how to create a more comfortable and productive living space. Care and rely on yourself, receive support from the participants, share experiences.

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