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The Energy Model

Photo by: Tatiana Ceban

Денег нужно столько, чтобы о них не думать. Деньги не решают главный вопрос человечества — они не делают своего владельца счастливым. Но возможность о них не думать, как минимум в быту, существенно высвобождает энергию для других процессов.

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* The diagram: Reflects one’s personality depending on how much time one spends thinking about the past, present or the future.


It is always said that we should live ‘in the here and now’. But why? The Swiss author Pascal Mercier says this: ‘It is an error, a nonsensical act of violence, to concentrate on the here and now with the conviction of thus grasping the essential. What matters is to move surely and calmly, with the appropriate humour and the appropriate melancholy in the temporally and spatially internal landscape that we are.’ 


Here is a non-judgemental question: how much of your time do you spend thinking about the past, how much about the here and now, and how much about the future? Or to put it another way, how often do you think, wistfully or thankfully, about what has been? How often do you have the feeling that you are really concentrating on what you are doing at a particular moment? How often do you imagine what the future may hold, and how often do you worry about what lies ahead of you? 


The three examples shown in the model above can also represent cultural values: memory-driven, in nostalgic Europe; dream-driven, in the USA, the ‘land of opportunity’; and reality-driven, in industrious Asia.


You can’t change the past. But you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.